The European Union has decided to reintroduce export subsidies on pork —  including that produced in the United States. The EU action is particularly disappointing in light of the political commitment it made to end export subsidies on pork and other agricultural products as a part of the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round negotiations, points out National Pork Producers Council officials. 

 “The EU subsidies are a direct blow to U.S. pork producers,” says Jill Appell, NPPC president and a producer from Altona, Ill. “Our profitability is increasingly dependent on our exports. The EU subsidies undermine the U.S. pork industry’s hard-earned export sales and will unfairly shift financial pain to our producers.”

U.S. pork producers, like pork producers in the EU and most other countries, are in financial turmoil due to very high feed prices and relatively low live hog prices.

The EU’s action, notes Appell, highlights the need to eliminate EU agricultural export subsidies, including those for pork, as a part of the WTO Doha Round negotiations. NPPC officials have stated many times that the U.S. pork industry will support a Doha Round agreement only if it results in the complete elimination of export subsidies and provides major market access for U.S. pork in the EU and other key markets around the world.

Source: National Pork Board