European Union’s commissioners are expected to approve the sale of meat and milk from offspring of cloned animals, according to a report on, the website of London’s Daily Mail newspaper.

The animals would need to come from the EU region.

The subject of offspring from cloned animals being allowed to enter the human food supply has been hotly debated within the EU for years. Consumer groups and activists have been quite vocal about the issue.

The report quotes a leaked document from the EU College of Commissioners, which was due to be discussed in a meeting this week. While the document reportedly proposes a five-year ban on the sale of meat and milk from cloned animals, it did not include a ban on food from their offspring.

Also, reports are that the leaked document does not include provisions for food products from cloned animals’ offspring to carry special labels. That has been another strong issue for consumer groups and activists.

Regardless of how the EU commissioners finally vote, it is not last word on the issue. The representative of member countries to the European Parliament could move to block the policy.