The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released the raw data from a two-year study of air emissions from livestock and poultry farms. The study was part of an air consent agreement that livestock and poultry operations entered with EPA in 2005.

The agreement, which the National Pork Producers Council helped negotiate, protected animal feeding operations from EPA enforcement actions for past air emissions violations, as well as for violations that might have occurred while the agency conducted the monitoring study. Data from the study will be used to set scientifically sound and economically sustainable emissions standards for farms.

Researchers monitored emissions at AFOs that raise pigs and broiler chickens, at egg-laying operations, and at dairies, with a total of 24 monitoring sites in nine states. EPA will use data from the studies to help develop improved methodologies for estimating AFO emissions. Late last year, NPPC helped organize a joint EPA-USDA workshop to discuss the methodologies for estimating air emissions from farms.

Access the EPA data.

Source: NPPC, EPA