Environmental Protection Agency officials say the agency's decision on whether to change the current ethanol mandate will not occur until late August. Originally, the decision was set for July 24.

In April, Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked EPA to reduce the ethanol-blending requirements, which would mix 9 billion gallons of biofuels with gasoline this year. Perry's argument is that it diverts corn away from livestock feed, which is hurting those producers as well as U.S. food prices. Environmental groups, food processors and some states supported the Texas effort.

In a statement, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson said additional time was needed to review the more than 15,000 comments that the agency receive concerning the Texas request. He said the new timeline is necessary for EPA to make an informed decision and develop a document to explain that decision.

"The process remains fair and open, and no agreements have been made with any party in regard to the substance and timing of the decision on the waiver request," said Johnson. "I am confident that I will be able to make a final determination on the Texas waiver request in early August."

Source: Environmental Protection Agency