The Environmental Protection Agency has exempted animal feeding operations from reporting certain air emissions under Superfund laws. EPA’s action would provide an administrative exemption from notification requirements under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980.

The proposed administrative reporting exemption is limited to releases of hazardous substances to the air when the source of those hazardous substances is animal waste at farms. Notifications must still be made when and if hazardous substances are released to the air from a source other than animal waste. Reporting requirements still apply to releases from ammonia tanks at farms, as well as releases of any hazardous substances when at or above its reportable quantity for 24 hours.

This proposed rule would reduce the burden on the regulated community of complying with CERCLA reporting requirements. EPA is proposing that these reports are unnecessary because there is no reasonable expectation that Federal, state or local emergency responders would respond to such reports.

EPA is also seeking public comment on the usefulness of emergency release notification and written follow-up emergency notices that are submitted when there is a release to the air from animal waste at farms of any hazardous substance at or above the reportable quantity for those hazardous substances.

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Source: EPA