EPA released its National Strategy for Agriculture to initiate a closer partnership with agriculture. The new plan builds upon producers' interest in protecting natural resources and the environment, and it seeks to address complex issues through locally-based, collaborative efforts.

The goals of the National Strategy for Agriculture include:

* Increasing EPA employee awareness of how their actions affect agriculture and how farming benefits human health and the environment.

* Working with the agricultural industry – including production, processing and distribution – in developing and demonstrating environmental protection solutions that express to the public the value of farmland environmental stewardship activities;

* Coordinating research and technology development and real world application so the needs of agriculture and EPA can be more efficiently met; and,

* Identifying existing environmental improvement measures for agriculture and developing new ones, where needed.

More details on the National Agriculture Strategy announcement are on the Web at: http://www.epa.gov/agriculture/agstrategy.html

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