The state of Iowa is not enforcing pollution limits from the hog industry that enter the state's waterways according to environmental groups. The Sierra Club, Environmental Integrity Project and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement have filed a petition with the Environmental Protection Agency claiming that Iowa's Department of Natural Resources should no longer be allowed to oversee the environmental impact of the state's hog industry.

"If the state will not properly enforce and implement the Clean Water Act in Iowa, then the state should no longer be allowed to administer the program," Pam Mackey-Taylor, chairwoman of Iowa's chapter of the Sierra Club said. "That is why we want the EPA to take over the administration of the program in Iowa." The environmental groups claim that the industry is illegally discharging millions of gallons of hog waste.

The Iowa DNR said it would look to the EPA for direction on the issue, but agency spokesman Kevin Baskins says, "In the meantime, the Iowa DNR has been particularly diligent to try to cope with an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds."

Source: Associated Press