Hormel Foods has released its corporate responsibility report for 2009, which details such things as commitments its making to the environment, animal handling, its employees and more.

This is the third full report the Austin, Minn.-based company has released that addresses its environmental and social performance. Future plans are to continue to report annually, with the next report being released in May 2011 for data spanning November 2009 to October 2010, as stated on Hormel’s website.

Among the areas addressed in the 2009 Hormel Foods Corporate Responsibility Report, there also details about an initiative to minimize packaging, product development process, employee engagement, public policy involvement and new goals for employee safety, supplier responsibility and greenhouse gas emissions.

Other highlights from the report outlining Hormel’s actions include:

  • 7,275 fewer tons of solid waste sent to landfills
  • 9 percent water use reduction since 2006
  • 100 percent animal care requirements met by individuals who supply hogs to Hormel
  • 219,598 total hours spent on employee training

Read a 12-page executive summary of the report

Source: Hormel Foods