Environmental Management Solutions has signed an agreement with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide training and certification for technical service providers.

EMS is the first private sector company to establish a working partnership with NRCS to provide training and certification of qualified planners of livestock manure and wastewater handling and storage, and other resource management plans.

Qualified planners will work with livestock producers to develop Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans, conservation plans and Nutrient Management Plans. EMS also will assist NRCS with other services, such as working with livestock producers in contracting for Environmental Quality Incentives Program cost-share funding.

“I’m especially enthusiastic about the EMS rigorous certification procedure, says Bruce Knight, NRCS chief. “It guarantees U.S. producers and ranchers will receive quality technical assistance with their animal residue management, CNMPs and nutrient management plans. In most regions of our nation, producers and ranchers need effective CNMP and nutrient management assistance to ensure their operations remain profitable.”

Congress recognized the environmental challenge facing producers when it passed the 2002 Farm Bill. The 2002 Farm Bill authorized the use of third parties, called technical service providers, to assist NRCS in delivering conservation technical assistance to producers and ranchers.

“EMS’ expertise becomes even more critical to the NRCS in view of the recently released U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for Concentrated Animal Feed Operations. These new standards expand the number of livestock operations required to obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits,“ adds Knight.

For more information on EMS, go to: www.emsllc.org