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Consumers in Des Moines, Iowa, and World Pork Expo attendees will see the "Gotcha Mobile Media Truck" at the June 10-12 all-pork event.

Faces of Agriculture organized the truck, which serves as a visual reminder that the pork industry– Iowa's largest industry– and pork producers elsewhere face serious jeopardy. In a recent report released in Iowa called “Threatening Iowa’s Future,”  a special interest group alleged that livestock farmers put profit ahead of environmental stewardship and blamed state officials for allowing it to happen.

The truth, according to Faces of Agriculture, is the threat to Iowa's future is losing the high quality standards in food production because of over-regulation.

Faces of Agriculture, a national non-profit organization, has coordinated sponsors for 12 rotating billboards on the "Gotcha Mobile Media Truck." The truck will travel the streets of Des Moines reminding residents the importance of farm families and pork production in Iowa.

Sponsors, each with their own message, include Loos Tales, Pit Remedy, Hatfield Quality Meats, John Wood Community College and the National Pork Producers Council. The truck will appear on the streets of Des Moines  from June 9 -12 during the 2004 World Pork Expo.