In an attempt to reduce false mismatches, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency has made three improvements to its E-Verify employment verification program.

E-Verify system will now include naturalization data, so employers can instantly confirm the citizenship status of naturalized U.S. citizens. Until the improvement was made, naturalized citizens who had not yet updated their records with the Social Security Administration have been the largest category of individuals to get a false mismatch notice. Those who still get a mismatch notice can now call USCIS directly to resolve the issue, or can go to an SSA field office.

Secondly, E-Verify now has real-time arrival data from the Integrated Border Inspection System, which will reduce the number of immigration status-related mismatches for newly arriving workers who are in the U.S. legally. Finally, USCIS plans to provide the most up-to-date citizenship status data and help prevent non-confirmation notices from occurring.

USCIS estimates that 64,000 employers participate in E-Verify, and about 1,000 more companies enroll every week.