Dow AgroSciences has received regulatory approval for a plant-made vaccine from USDA’s Center for Veterinary Biologics.

The Dow AgroSciences concert plant-cell-produced system represents a new category of plant-made vaccines. This technology utilizes plant cells instead of whole plants in a secure, bio-contained environment to produce vaccines. Because of this bio-contained production system, concerns and challenges associated with making vaccines in whole plants or food crops are eliminated.

The system uses only the necessary parts of the disease-causing agent to stimulate immunity in a manufacturing process that is free of animal components. According to John Cuffe, Dow AgroSciences’ R&D leader for animal health, “This approval is a perfect example of how biotechnology is advancing science by creating a new category of vaccines that is both safe and effective.”

By achieving this regulatory approval, Dow AgroSciences can now focus its efforts on developing new, innovative vaccines with an emphasis on animal health. Possible target animals include horses, companion animals (such as dogs and cats), poultry, swine and cattle.

Dow AgroSciences