Doane Advisory Services has formed a speaker's bureau of its seven economists. The team is available for speaking engagements for agribusinesses, ag co-ops, and industry or grower associations.

Doane has been counseling farmers on price-risk management since the company was founded by D. Howard Doane in 1938, and in the 70s, began offering price-risk management for agribusinesses that buy commodities.

Over the years, the company’s agricultural economists were continually approached and contracted to be speakers for third-party events.

Now, Doane offers the service officially as part of the company through this newly formed speaker's bureau. The team of seven has a combined 150+ years of experience and lists nearly 40 topics they can speak on; plus the ability to develop “customized” presentations.

“Agriculture is in a turbo-charged environment that’s undergoing dramatic changes,” says Doane Ag Services Director Dan Manternach. “As history has shown, these dramatic changes will prove to be challenges and obstacles to success for some and tremendous opportunities for others who see them coming and position themselves properly.”

“Anyone in agribusiness knows that the school of hard knocks is the best teacher,” adds Manternach. “We know that just as well as anyone. But our clients keep coming back to us because we’ve delivered on our promise of ‘profitable counsel’ for decades. Plus, we put on lively presentations that keep people nodding in agreement instead of nodding off. We listen to our clients who tell us time and time again that they want less of how the business came to be and more of what it means to them.”

Doane Advisory Services is the multi-media provider of choice for trusted information, advice and business solutions to agriculture. The company produces Doane’s Agricultural Report—a reference manual that is regularly updated to provide current farming information.

Get more information on the Doane speaker's bureau, including bios, topics and fee schedule. To inquire about a booking or speaking topic, please email Dan Manternach or call (314) 372-3519.

Source: Doane Advisory Services