Following on the heels of Consumer Reports' survey, showing that most Americans support country-of-origin labeling on meat and poultry products, some Democratic presidential candidates are talking about COOL labeling.
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and John Edwards have added COOL to their talking points. Both are pushing for country-of-origin labeling in response to recent food-safety scares involving imported food and feed products.

Clinton is charging the U.S. Senate to implement COOL as soon as possible (ahead of the Sept. 30, 2008 deadline.) Her point: "Congress mandated we impose country-of-origin labeling five years ago. It is about time we had a system in place that allows consumers to know exactly where their food and produce is coming from and helps our local farmers promote their home-grown products."

Edwards, campaigning in Iowa, said labeling laws need to be stricter. He believes that help ensure food safety and address consumer concerns domestically and on imported products. He cites recent issues involving products imported from China.

Edward also supports consolidating food inspection protocols among 15 agencies and to further strengthen the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.