According to USDA's weekly Crop Progress Report, about 64 percent of the U.S. corn crop scored a "good or excellent" rating as of July 13. That's slightly better than the previous week, which ranked 62 percent of the crop in similar condition, and similar to last years ranking at this time. That, however, was due to widespread dryness that the Midwest was experiencing.

USDA officials report that this year's corn crop continues to lag in terms of development. Only 13 percent of the crop was reported to be in the silking stage, compared to 50 percent by this time last year and 36 percent for the five-year average. The 13 percent compares to the previous week's silking stage at 6 percent

Soybeans continue to follow a similar pattern. USDA reports that 26 percent of the crop is blooming versus 54 percent for this period a year ago, and 45 percent for the five-year average. The crop did progress from the previous week, when about 12 percent was blooming.

In terms of condition, USDA cited 59 percent of the U.S. soybean crop "good or excellent" condition, which is about equal to the week earlier. Last year at this time, 62 percent of the crop rated "good or excellent."

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Source: USDA