This week's USDA Crop Progress report shows that just 9 percent of corn in the 18 top producing states has yet to be harvested, putting the national average 67 percent higher than last year. It is also a 31 percent increase from the five-year average.

Kentucky reported 100 percent of their corn harvested. Illinois (98 percent), Indiana (98 percent), and Kansas (97 percent) are inching closer to the completion of the 2010 corn harvest. Forty-four percent of the states reported percentages lower than the national average, which is a six percent improved from last week. North Dakota remains the lowest reporting state with only 67 percent of corn harvested.

Illinois saw an 80 percent increase from last year - the greatest increased reported. Texas is sitting at 94 percent harvested, which is just a three percent increase from last year and just one percent higher from last week. South Dakota saw the biggest jump from last week's Crop Progress report, improving by 17 percent.

The soybean crop is 96 percent harvested which is 17 percent above the five-year average. Missouri and Kansas made very good progress in the last week, both up 11 percent, while the North Carolina soybean harvest lags at just 35 percent complete.

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