USDA’s weekly crop progress report puts this year’s corn crop near the historical average. USDA called 69 percent of the corn crop in good or excellent condition, while 11 percent was called poor or very poor. At this time last year, 69 percent of the crop was in good or excellent condition and 9 percent was in poor or very poor condition.

According to USDA estimates, 98 percent of the corn crop has entered the dough stage of growth, up four percent from last week. The 5-year average is 93 percent. USDA says 86 percent of the corn crop was dented while 73 percent was last year at the same time. The 5-year average is 71 percent. Thirty-three percent of the corn crop was considered mature. The 5-year average is 19 percent for the first week in September.

USDA also called 12 percent of the soybean crop poor to very poor in the 18 primary soybean producing states, while 64 percent was rated good or excellent. USDA estimated that 8 percent of soybeans were dropping leaves while the 5-year average is 15 percent the first week of September.