Last week, three Ito Yokado supermarkets in Japan conducted on-site cooking demonstrations, with assistance from U.S. Meat Export Federation. Now, sales that featured those pork products are flying out of the meat case-- up as much as 35 times in volume, reports USMEF personnel.

Ito Yokado is the second-largest national retailer in Japan, so it reaches a vast number of people. More than 100,000 recipe cares also were handed out to shoppers.

The retail demonstration was part of USMEF's "Everyday Delicious" campaign. The goal is to make U.S. pork part of the Japanese consumer's daily menu through easy-to-prepare tips and recipes, as well as other product and nutrition information.

According to USMEF, U.S. pork sales in Japan is up 8 percent in volume and 13 percent in value from January through August (the latest available numbers) compared with the same period in 2006.
Source: U.S. Meat Export Federation