The majority of American consumers want the U.S. government to step up food safety measures, according to a Pew Charitable Trust funded survey. What's more, many shoppers view imported foods as particularly unsafe.

The survey conducted by Hart Research and Public Opinion Strategies, involved 1,005 "likely" voters. Here are some of the survey's results:

  • * 89 percent support enacting new federal measures to better protect people from getting sick from eating contaminated food products.
  • * 83 percent believe the federal government should be responsible for ensuring that food is safe to eat
  • * 64 percent believe imported foods are often or sometimes unsafe
  • * 58 percent are worried about bacterial contamination of the food supply
Congress has food-safety related bills under consideration. In July, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation, which would expand the Food and Drug Administration's authority to include mandatory recalls, on-farm inspections and stricter inspection of imported foods. The bill now moves on for Senate consideration.