The National Pork Board has selected five new pork products as winners of the third annual Consumer’s Choice Pork Awards contest, which shows that consumers appreciate pork’s versatility and quality. 

“This checkoff-funded contest recognizes the most innovative new pork products, through an open nominations process, with consumers judging the winning products,” explains Tom Floy, a National Pork Board member and a pork producer from Thornton, Iowa. “These products make it clear that pork holds a special place in today’s kitchens, from everyday meals and snacks to special occasions like holidays or family gatherings.” 

The Consumer’s Choice Pork Awards honor retail products that score high on taste, product appeal, fit to lifestyle trends, and purchase intent. 

This year, the National Pork Board received more than 100 entries from pork producers, consumers, industry experts, manufacturers and retailers. The entries were narrowed to 10 final products by a panel of industry experts, then the finalists were judged by panels of consumers in two cities. 

The winners of the 2004 Consumer’s Choice Pork Awards contest are:

  • Swift Premium Pepper Grill Pork Filet Oven Roasters, Swift & Co.
  • Hormel Black Forest Ham Sliced Deli Meats, Hormel Foods.
  • Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin Smoked Ham, Sara Lee Foods.
  • Lupo’s Teriyaki Pork Stir Fry, Sam A. Lupo & Sons.
  • Pork Crown Roast, Iowa Quality Meats.

Many of this year’s entries, such as the Ultra Thin Smoked Ham and Black Forest Ham Sliced Deli Meat, were quick and ready-to-eat straight from the package. Others, like the Stir-fry Teriyaki Pork, were prepared and to the table in less than 15 minutes.  But many items, such as the Pork Crown Roast and Filet Fresh Roaster, had longer cooking times, but due to the minimal preparation were still viewed by consumer judges as being convenient.

Manufacturers of this year’s winning products were awarded with a Consumer’s Choice Pork Awards golden fork trophy at the Annual Meat Conference on March 14 in Nashville, Tenn.

Plus, each of these products earns the right to use the official Consumer’s Choice Pork Awards winner’s seal in merchandising efforts. Winners also benefit from a consumer publicity campaign by the National Pork Board.   

For more information about the Consumer’s Choice Pork Awards and the winning products, or for information on nominating a product for next year’s awards, contact Becca Hendricks at 515-223-2788, or via e-mail at

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