Citing a new survey that outlines how hard Americans expect to feel the pinch of high oil prices, and calling the nation’s energy policy “stagnant,” the Consumer Federation of America has issued a report calling on Congress to pass a three-pronged energy bill that includes higher fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles, standards for the use of renewable energy by electric utilities and expanded production of biofuels such as cellulosic and corn-based ethanol.

CFA's report found that the public supports urgent action to address the nation’s energy problems. More than four out of five of American adults polled (84 percent) supports CFA’s recommendations, which the organization said could save consumers more than $180 billion between now and 2020. Additionally, according to the survey, 76 percent of Americans were concerned about the United States’ dependence on oil from the Middle East while 78 percent are concerned about high prices.

The report concludes: “Efforts by the automobile and electric utility industry to derail this legislation put their narrow special interests ahead of the national interest and waste our most valuable asset in the effort to respond the national energy challenge – time. The U.S. simply cannot afford to wait any longer to address the national energy crisis.”

The CFA survey was conducted Sept. 27 to Oct. 1, vy the Opinion Research Corporation, which polled 2,021 individuals. For more information, follow this link (PDF format).

Source: National Corn Growers Association