Members have been named to a conference committee that will decide the shape of a final farm bill that Congress will approve.

This committee becomes crucial to the livestock industry because the Senate’s version of the Farm Bill included a ban on packer ownership of livestock, while the House version contained no such language. How this difference is handled in the final version of the bill will be critical.

Committee member include: House Republicans are Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest (TX), Committee Vice Chairman John Boehner (OH) and subcommittee chairmen Bob Goodlatte (VA), Richard Pombo (CA), Terry Everett (AL), Frank Lucas (OK), Saxby Chambliss (GA) and Rep. Jerry Moran (KS).

For the Democrats, conferees include Reps. Charlie Stenholm (TX), Gary Condit (CA), Collin Peterson (MN), Cal Dooley (CA), Eva Clayton (NC) and Tim Holden (PA).

Senate conferees are Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (IA), and Sens. Patrick Leahy (VT), Kent Conrad (ND) and Tom Daschle (SD). Republicans are Sens. Richard Lugar (I N), Jesse Helms (NC) and Thad Cochran (MS). Additional House conferees from other committees will be named later.