Selling off its fresh pork and beef packing plants was the first move for ConAgra Foods to get out of its agricultural-related businesses. The company plans to focus its efforts on major brands and value-added foods.

ConAgra is the nation's second largest retail food supplier, behind Kraft Foods, and the largest foodservice manufacturer. Some of its most popular brand names include Act II popcorn, Butterball turkeys, Chef Boyardee, Chun King and Healthy Choice.

The next agricultural-related companies on the chopping block are most likely ConAgra’s fertilizer, crop chemical and feed ingredient businesses. These companies are struggling with a weakened agricultural market, hence lowering demand and overall profits.

Once the sale of the fresh pork and beef plants is complete, a company spokesman says the rest of the meatpacking business will eventually be sold. Once again, this stems from low profit margins.

Associated Press