PortaCheck, Inc. introduces the PortaBHB milk ketone test, the first rapid dipstick milk test that is readily available in the United States for on-farm sub-clinical ketosis screening.

Ketosis tests currently on the market in the United States require a urine or blood sample. The PortaBHB test measures the levels of beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) in milk. BHB is the major ketone produced in disease states, and is the ketone tested when blood samples are sent to a laboratory. Urine tests currently on the market test for other ketones, typically acetoacetate.

“The PortaBHB milk ketone test makes it much simpler for dairy producers to screen for sub-clinical ketosis, since all they need is a milk sample,” says Dr. Wai Law, President of PortaCheck. “Producers now have a test that can provide results within a minute, without the added difficulty of obtaining urine or blood samples.”
This product uses a dipstick that changes color in the presence of BHB. The level of BHB is determined by comparing the dipstick color to a color chart. Validated against blood tests for BHB , the PortaBHB test is proven as a useful screening tool for sub-clinical ketosis. It has also shown a very high correlation to other milk ketone tests sold overseas, but has a dramatic price advantage and does not require refrigerated shipping.

The PortaBHB milk ketone test is now available in the United States through Nelson-Jameson, Inc., Marshfield, Wis.; 1-800-826-8302. For more information, visit PortaCheck at www.portacheck.com or call 1-866-500-7722.

PortaCheck, Inc. aims to become a leader in on-farm testing with a full product line that assists producers in making management decisions and improving animal health. Always a champion of milk quality, PortaCheck also provides the PortaSCC milk test for dairy cattle and dairy goats. This reliable tool has been proven in the U.S. and in more than 60 countries worldwide.