HOGISTICS, a new tool enabling pork producers to more accurately predict optimal market hog weight and weight distribution, is now available from Zoetis. Hogistics uses a farm’s historical production data to provide more precise information for making more accurate marketing decisions so pork producers can capture more profit. 

“With this knowledge, producers can plan pig flow six to eight weeks out and more efficiently plan pig placements,” explains Chad Grouwinkel, Senior Manager, Pork Productivity Solutions, Zoetis. “With HOGISTICS, you know when your market hogs will reach their optimal market weight window with a significantly higher degree of accuracy, which helps maximize profitability.”

The tool is a technological advancement over current tools that predict market weight. Existing technology doesn’t account for many variables that impact the growth rate of market hogs over time.

The automated, data driven, predictive analytic model more accurately predicts market hog weight, weight distribution and mortality by weeks on feed. It acts like a producer’s own production system, taking into account an operation’s unique history, events and growth patterns. Beyond enabling producers to make more-informed marketing and pig-flow decisions, it also measures the impact of important production events, such as adding dietary fat or a vaccine to prevent disease.

Producers using HOGISTICS are not required to input any data. It’s designed for use with current organized production data systems. The weekly market weight prediction reports can be accessed online and are in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format. Zoetis also provides support to help producers fully utilize all the benefits from HOGISTICS. For more information, visit http://www.hogistics.com or contact your local Zoetis representative.