As part of its commitment to expanding customer support services and promoting routine quality control testing of in-feed enzyme levels, AB Vista has extended its Enzyme Services & Consultancy (ESC) network with the opening of a new laboratory in Memphis, Tennessee.

This new facility will help meet increasing demand for sample analysis as use of AB Vista’s Quantum Blue phytase and Econase XT xylanase continues to grow within the USA and across Canada.

“Directly measuring the levels of active enzyme present in feed samples after feed processing is essential if customers are to have confidence that feed enzymes are correctly added and are surviving processing to reach the animal,” states Dr Hadden Graham, AB Vista’s Technical Director. “This new laboratory will mean that AB Vista can swiftly and accurately test those levels for North American customers, ensuring that they in turn deliver a quality-assured product to their partners.”

The Memphis laboratory will be devoted to the analysis of active enzyme levels in feed enzyme products, feed pre-mixes and manufactured feed samples. The methodologies used will include AB Vista’s unique and revolutionary enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assays (ELISA) for direct measurement of enzyme presence and activity: the ‘QuickStix’ lateral-flow assay for rapid qualitative detection and the ‘QuantiPlate’ micro-titre well kit for accurate quantification of activity levels.

“In addition to sending samples to the AB Vista laboratory, the new ELISA test kits are also available for customers to use on-site for an even quicker result – within just five minutes of feed manufacture in the case of the QuickStix kit,” Dr Graham adds.