NUTRIQUEST is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic research, marketing and distribution alliance with EURO-NUTEC, a subsidiary of GRUPO NUTEC in Mexico. Working closely together, the opportunity exists for each company to expand its presence in the United States, Mexico and Central and South American markets. 

The alliance combines the leadership and research infrastructure of EURO-NUTEC with the research, experience and know-how of the NUTRIQUEST team to offer innovative and high-return nutrition solutions to U.S., Mexican and Latin American pig producers.

 EURO-NUTEC is the joint venture company of NUTEC (the industry leader in pre-starter and starter feed for piglets and pet food in Mexico and Latin America) and CCPA (the second largest service company in France which produces more than three million tons of finished feed annually).

 The goal for this important partnership is to supply special solutions via value-added products and consultancy to U.S. and Latin American swine producers, particularly in the areas of feed and productivity management. “We believe that the philosophy and culture of both companies are so similar that we expect to offer very soon the expertise that will provide pig producers important elements to increase their productivity,” says Alberto Casarin, President of the NUTEC Group.

“This relationship will not only provide high-return solutions to producers, but marks the beginning of what will be a long-term relationship and collaboration in the areas of productivity, research and risk management in the industry, and will change how pigs are produced in the areas we serve,” says Steve Weiss, NUTRIQUEST President.