Deere & Company, DuPont, Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland Co., along with the Renewable Fuels Association, have launched a new alliance to bring together a broad group of companies and organizations committed to sustainability and to responsibly improve diets and reduce dependence on fossil fuels through agricultural productivity worldwide.

Known as Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy, it aims to use credible, science-based education, information and advocacy to advance support for solutions that will fulfill agriculture's promise to improve diets and provide better fuels. The alliance will urge Congress to fund more research and technological investment in agriculture.

"We are happy to see these distinguished agribusinesses step up and provide leadership in pursuing policy discussions to enhance the ability of American farmers and ranchers, and those worldwide, to increase productivity and met the needs of food and energy in a sustainable manner," says Read Smith, co-chair of the National 25x'25 steering committee. "This new alliance underscores the optimism that 25x'25 shares with these major organizations that global agriculture can meet the growing demand for food, feed, fiber and fuel."

The 25x'25 initiative also shares the new alliance's belief that both food and energy are fundamental human needs and embrace actions and innovations that strengthen agriculture's ability to produce both. "Like the new alliance, we reject the falsity of 'either/or' choices between food and fuel," Smith said. "Our initiative encourages businesses and policymakers to take a broader look at all types of new technologies, whether it's to develop biofuels, wind, solar or other renewable energy sources."

25x'25 and the new alliance "both believe that new technologies will become commercially viable and scalable to reach our goal of continually improving the environmental and economic benefit of biofuels," he says.

Source: 25x'25