Colorado officials report that all hogs seized and quarantined Nov. 17 in Mesa County have been euthanized. The 20 exotic sheep also seized have been returned under seal to Texas, which was their state of origin.

Fourteen of the sixteen hogs seized tested positive for pseudorabies. Subsequent testing of hogs at Little Creek Ranch has also confirmed that some of the animals there are PRV positive as well. As a result of this testing, all hogs on the ranch will be euthanized by the ranch owner. The hog carcasses will be inspected by Colorado officials and then transported under seal to a disposal site.

The investigation into the transportation and possession of the animals in the trailer as well as the inspection of the ranch facility's paperwork and fencing is continuing. The quarantine will remain in effect until officials can verify that no hogs remain and that other deficiencies are corrected.

In Colorado, feral hogs have been confirmed in the southeastern part of the state. Feral hogs have also been killed by landowners and wildlife officers near Collbran. In response, the Division of Wildlife and the Colorado Department of Agriculture have signed a memorandum of understanding to coordinate efforts to eradicate these feral populations.

The Division of Wildlife considers feral hogs to be an invasive pest. State wildlife regulations allow the killing of feral hogs at any time of year and without need of a hunting license.

Source: Colorado Department of Agriculture