With the recent release of the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation rule, there’s a lot of environmental work facing many of you.

To get you started, the National Pork Board has released the Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Producer Curriculum. This checkoff-funded guide is designed for you understand how a CNMP can help you make business decisions in regard to production efficiency, economic competitiveness, environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

The pork checkoff-funded CNMP pilot project helped nearly 40 operations develop a CNMP. This new curriculum applies what CNMP developers, consultants and pork producers learned in during the project.

“The project revealed many of the challenges, such as knowing what information is required, and having up-to-date soil tests, proper manure tests, a history of environmental information, operation and management plans and proper mortality management plans,” says Steve Stover, a CNMP developer. “The ability to overcome these challenges can improve an operation and help make CNMP development less complicated.”

The CNMP curriculum was developed to inform you about CNMP’s and to identify the components and resources necessary to create a plan that meets state requirements and to help you organize the necessary information.

Although a CNMP is not a required component of the CAFO rule, a plan can be used to fulfill CAFO nutrient management plan requirements. Plus, a CNMP is required if you plan to apply for federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program funds.

For more information about the CNMP producer curriculum, contact the Pork Checkoff Producer Service Center at (800) 456-PORK or go to www.porkboard.org.

National Pork Board