Stop it! Just stop with the “aggie” jokes - especially the one about the cheerleaders grazing at halftime.

This Saturday the football teams from two prestigious ag schools – Kansas State and Iowa State – travel to Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium in what has been dubbed “Farmageddon 2009.” It’s the conference opener for both schools, and the first time the game has been played on a neutral site. Kickoff is set for 2 p.m. Central Time, Saturday.

It may not rival Oklahoma-Texas or USC-Notre Dame for national fan interest (don’t look for ESPN Game Day coverage), but K-State vs. I-State is likely to be tuned-in on radios in roaring combines and grain trucks all over Kansas and Iowa this Saturday. And while both teams are not likely to compete for a conference championship this year, there is a lot of pride at stake in the heartland.

Although some fans might feel a little embarrassed,  calling the contest “Farmageddon” seems appropriate for these two schools – with apologies to those other esteemed institutions of higher learning such as Purdue, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, etc.

No, Sportscenter is unlikely to show highlights of Farmageddon over this week’s Oklahoma/Miami game, or the Georgia/LSU contest. But maybe that’s because the PR departments at Iowa State and Kansas State haven’t really embraced this whole Farmageddon ideology. Maybe they need our help. Here are a few suggestions for competition between the two schools:

A barbeque contest before the game between the meat science departments. (A no-brainer – especially at Arrowhead, the NFL’s best tailgating venue.)

A lawn-mower tractor-pull contest between the ag engineering departments.

A livestock judging contest on the field. (OK, maybe the Chiefs’ clean-up crew wouldn’t like that idea.)

Have ideas of your own you would like to share? E-mail them to me before Friday and we’ll post them so others can discuss them at the game Saturday.

To get you in the spirit for Farmageddon, here’s John Denver's “Thank God I’m a Country Boy:”