By the year 2005, China plans to raise its meat output 21 percent but reduce the percentage of pork in that portion, according to the Asia Pulse news agency, quoting the China Food Industry Association.

China’s meat output is currently 67 percent pork, 20 percent fowl and 13 percent beef and mutton. The goal is to produce 72 million metric tons of meat by 2005, up from 59.5 million tons now, while reducing the country’s reliance on producing pork.

Nearly all of China’s pork production is of the backyard variety, and arable land available for production is an increasing problem. China is not expected to be able to produce economic quality pork long-term.

Yet, the Chinese have a pattern of pork consumption. Currently, the Chinese produce and consume nearly half of the pork in the world. This news would seem to indicate that consumption will outpace production, creating a golden opportunity for the U.S. pork industry to increase exports to China.

Bloomberg contributed to this article.