Chinese authorities are trying to contain an outbreak of what's known in the country as blue-ear disease — most of the rest of the world recognizes it as porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome. The pig disease has recently surfaced in north China.
Some 10 villages have been quarantined where infected pigs have been identified. More than 900 infected pigs have been destroyed. The Chinese  news agency Xinhua, reports that vaccine for 165,000 pigs is on its way to Hongtong. Other supplies include 430 "exposure suits", 4.1 metric tons of disinfectant and 610 syringes for vaccine injections.

The county has also allocated 1 million yuan (about $147,000) to compensate farmers who lost pigs.

Xinhua also reports that two local officials lost their jobs related to a discovery made this week involving more than 1,000 pigs found dead from the disease.

A massive outbreak of the disease in 2007 caused pork shortages in China in 2008. That episode has triggered renewed government focus and efforts to build a more sustainable pork industry in the country.