The National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council have created the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program for pork producers and their staffs to assess and assure on-farm production practices that promote food safety and animal care.

To enroll in the program or get more information, call your state pork producer association, NPPC or NPB or click here.

Here's a snapshot of the program basics:

What is Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus)?

  • A workable, credible and affordable solution to assure food safety and animal care.
  • It will help meet the needs of customers including restaurants, food retailers and consumers.

The PQA Plus program achieves its goals through: 

  • Producer training by a certified PQA Plus adviser which results in the producer receiving PQA Plus certification.
  • An objective assessment of on-farm animal well-being which, when combined with the education of the producer through PQA Plus certification, results in the farm receiving PQA Plus site status.
  • A PQA Plus survey designed to evaluate the implementation of PQA Plus in t he industry. Survey results are used to identify opportunities for improvement of the program’s information and delivery.

How does PQA Plus work?

  • For an individual to be certified in PQA Plus, producers must attend a training session with a certified PQA Plus adviser. PQA Plus certification is valid for three years.
  • PQA Plus site status also is valid for three years. PQA Plus site status is an objective assessment of the well being of the animals on the farm. While site status is valid for three years, producers may work with their PQA Plus adviser to determine the frequency and timing of assessments and training.
  • Producer training and third-party on-farm assessments are performed by certified PQA Plus advisers. The network of certified PQA Plus advisers spans across the United States. Certified advisers are veterinarians, animal scientists, University Extension specialists or ag educators with a bachelor of science degree in animal science or a related degree. They also must have two years of recent, documented swine production experience. Advisers must attend a PQA Plus training session and successfully pass an examination proving knowledge of the program, the implementation of training and the assessment.

Source: NPPC