The Campaign for Family Farms, a citizen’s activist group, dismissed its lawsuit challenging the mandatory pork checkoff program. The group had claimed the checkoff violates pork producers' rights to free speech and is unconstitutional.

Federal, district and appellate courts had ruled that the mandatory pork checkoff was unconstitutional. However, the U.S. Supreme Court put the pork case on hold so it could first hear a similar case regarding the mandatory beef checkoff. Last year, the Supreme Court ruled that because the beef checkoff is government speech, it does not violate the free speech rights of producers. Once the Supreme Court made its decision, it sent the pork checkoff case back to the lower court to take action according to the beef checkoff decision.

The Campaign for Family Farms contends that it will dedicate its resources to helping independent family farmers in other ways. One target is the 2007 Farm Bill.

The three main points in the CFF's Farm Bill platform are commodity policy reform, improved conservation programming, and a "New Farm Initiative" for beginning farmers.

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