The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology has released a paper that explores various ethical issues associated with animal biotechnology, including the impact on the animals themselves.

The document, titled "Issue Paper, Ethical Implications of Animal Biotechnology: Considerations for Animal Welfare Decision Making" was released last week and presented at CAST’s food-animal agriculture symposium in Washington, D.C., at USDA.

The paper explores the institutions and procedures that govern biotechnology research, the applications within the agricultural-food system, as well as the relationships between humans and other animals.

The CAST paper defines animal biotechnology as including genetic engineering and mammalian cloning.

"Many people do not have an accurate understanding of the methods and purposes of animal biotechnology," says John Bonner, CAST executive vice president. "CAST is pleased to offer scientific information in this new paper that will help people consider the ethical questions associated with agricultural animal biotechnology."

CAST is an international consortium of scientific and professional societies.

Source: CAST,