Cargill Meat Solutions has announced the re-launch company's premium enhanced pork brand - Tender Choice brand pork, according to The re-launch includes a new logo, improved package communication and a new Tender Sure Guarantee, Tender Choice pork is expected to drive fresh pork sales and encourage repeat customers in meat departments across the country.

Cargill’s in-home testing and focus groups have shown that consumers want easier and more convenient meal offerings, plus a guarantee that their pork will be tender, juicy and delicious every time. The line’s new packaging features recipes, preparation tips, product benefits and the Tender Sure Guarantee.

The Tender Sure Guarantee is based on Cargill's proprietary marinade process that locks in the meat's natural flavor and juices, providing consumers with a tender product each time.

Retailers will benefit directly from the Tender Choice program through marketing support in the meat department via education, consumer promotions and point-of-sale materials that offer visual appeal.