The Canadian Pork Council will receive $184,720 in government funding to implement a new animal welfare assessment tool to help producers evaluate and improve animal care in their operations.

"Canada’s new government is committed to promoting food safety and quality for all Canadians," says Chuck Strahl, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. "Funding this innovative project will provide operators of pork operations across Canada with the best assessment tools to enable them to meet on-farm requirements and enhance the quality of care for their animals."

The Canadian Pork Council has had to respond to many questions in the past three years from food retailers, restaurant chains, processors and from the humane movement. Many processors are also being audited by major restaurant chains to ensure proper animal handling techniques are being used.

The new assessment tool will assure consumers that hogs are well cared for during their lifespan.

The Animal Care Assessment tool will allow assessors to review the practice of pork producers and help producers show how they care for their animals.

This program is expected to help the sector enhance the marketability of Canadian pork in both Canada and in export markets. The Canadian Pork Council will finalize and distribute ACA materials to pork producers across Canada encouraging participation, creating awareness of the initiative and developing appropriate training programs.

Source: Meat News