The Canadian Pork Council is lobbying the Canadian government to provide a bailout for the country's ailing pork industry. Specifically, they're trying to get $800 million secured for Canada's pork industry in an effort to save the livelihoods of 42,000 producers.

This move would adversely affect the U.S. pork industry, according to the National Pork Producers Council.

NPPC is extremely concerned about such a bailout, which, if enacted, would likely send more Canadian hogs south into the United States. That in turn would put downward pressure on U.S. live-hog prices and shift financial pain to U.S. producers. 

Producers in the United States have already lost an average of $20 per hog since October 2007, points out NPPC. "Canada has a long history of subsidizing its pork producers," points out NPPC. The council is monitoring the situation closely.

Source: NPPC