Manitoba Pork Council says the Canadian swine industry’s defense in a countervail and antidumping action continues to gain strength Manitoba Pork Council Chair Karl Kynoch says the current strong hog prices and continued rosy outlook strengthen Canada’s position.

“With that kind of profit margins, at record levels, how do you say that we’re actually hurting your industry by importing live swine when in all reality all the Americans have done is make money off the little baby pigs that we have been exporting to the U.S?” says Kynoch.

Kynoch also claims Canadians are garnering more support within the United States all the time.

“I think a lot of the U.S. producers have finally realized the antidumping duty was their responsibility to pay,” says Kynoch. “I think a little bit of this has backfired on the National Pork Producers Council. In turn they’ve actually taxed their own producers on their pigs. I think a lot of producers down there are now realizing how much this is jeopardizing their livelihood to produce pigs.”