U.S. and Canadian combined inventory of all hogs and pigs for June 2008 was 80.6 million head, 3 percent over the year-ago level. The breeding inventory, at 7.56 million head, was down 2 percent from a year ago. Market hog inventory, at 73.1 million head, was up 3 percent from last year. The pig crop, at 36.9 million head, was up 3 percent from 2007 and up 7 percent from 2006. Sows farrowed during this period totaled 3.89 million head, up 1 percent from last year.

The report is a result of a joint effort by Statistics Canada and National Agricultural Statistics Service to release the total hogs, breeding, market hogs, sows farrowed, and pig crop for both countries within one report. This information was requested by the U.S. pork industry to provide producers additional information about potential hog supplies. U.S. inventory numbers were previously released on June 27, 2008.

Source: ThePigSite.com