Canada's New Government is contributing $76 million spread across four years to combat swine disease and enhance prosperity and stability in the sector.

"Canada's New Government is committed to ensuring the profitability of the Canadian hog sector," says Secretary of State Christian Paradis. "We recognize the challenges that producers are facing and through this initiative we will work with industry and veterinarians to give producers the necessary tools to aggressively combat these diseases."

Among the diseases causing problems is porcine circovirus associated diseases.

Consistent with the recommendations of an industry-government task team, the four-year program will work to assist producers and the industry in four areas: herd inoculation, research, biosecurity best-management practices and finding long-term risk management solutions. Canada's New Government will continue to work closely with the hog industry through the Canadian Pork Council and the veterinary community to develop program details for each of these four areas.

Canadian Pork Council President Clare Schlegel is pleased by today's announcement. "We applaud Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for recognizing the critical role that good animal health plays in our sector, as well as the serious challenges hog producers are currently facing. While these diseases did not pose a food safety risk, they have had severe economic impacts on our producers."

He adds, "We thank AAFC for its support of our industry. We look forward to working with AAFC to address disease threats, which will help to ensure our industry remains competitive."

For more details, visit the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Web site.

Source: Canada's New Government