A coalition of public health and food safety experts, labor unions, consumers, and veterinarians, has launched a campaign to oppose Proposition 2, a November ballot initiative that bans certain current practices in California agriculture. Proposition 2 would ban the use of gestation crates by California pork producers.

The coalition is supported by the National Pork Producers Council and the California Pork Producers Association.

Californians for SAFE Food say that Proposition 2 is a risky, dangerous and costly measure banning almost all modern egg production in California. Proposition 2 jeopardizes food safety and public health, wipes out Californians’ access to locally grown, fresh eggs, and harms consumers by driving up prices at grocery stores and restaurants and creates a dependency on eggs shipped from other states and Mexico.

Californians for SAFE Food is urging a NO vote on Proposition 2. For more information, see www.safecaliforniafood.org.

Source: Californians for SAFE Food