It has been confirmed that the BSE-positive cow detected in the United States last month originated in Canada. DNA testing results conducted in Canada confirmed that the cow came from a dairy in Alberta.
The Alberta herd consisted of 86 milking cows and 16 heifers. Eighty-one of the animals from that herd, including the most recent BSE-positive cow, entered the United States on Sept. 4, 2001. Seventeen animals from that Alberta herd, one of which is the offspring of the BSE-cow, were held in Canada for a second export shipment to the United States, but some remained in Canada. Those cows that remained in Canada are now under quarantine.
Three U.S. facilities are under state-hold orders. One is the Washington herd from which the positive cow left for slaughter. The second involves a nearby facility that has the BSE-cow's recently born bull calf. The third is the dairy operation in Mattawa, WA. No animals from any of the three quarantined U.S. farms have been destroyed yet, but the bull-calf operation is to be depopulated this week. The 450 calves will be transported to a slaughter facility not currently in use. None of those animals will enter the human-food chain, nor will any product from those animals go into a rendered product. 
National Meat Association