The American Meat Institute announces “Meat Matters,” a new series of consumer information brochures available online at The brochures can be readily downloaded and printed by consumers, retailers and foodservice operators.

“The fact is – meat does matter,” says AMI President J. Patrick Boyle. “We are proud of the products we produce and decided it was time to speak more directly to the consumer. We believe that these brochures and their companion download site can be a valuable resource to our customers.”

The “Meat Matters” brochures will cover seven topics:

Case Ready Meats: This brochure examines the growing trend in packaging meat at the plant under federal inspection for direct placement into the retail case without further cutting or handling. The brochure also examines the impact meat packing may have on freshness and color.

Product Dating: An invaluable guide for consumers, the brochure explains the different types of dates that appear on packages including use-by dates, sell-by dates and “best if used by” dates. The brochure also features a chart detailing storage times for fresh and processed products.

Safe Handling of Meat and Poultry Products: This brochure details recommended handling and cooking practices to ensure meat and poultry safety all the way to the table.

Meat and Poultry Nutrition: The value of animal protein in the diet is detailed in this brochure. Consumers can find a quick reference guide to the amount of protein they need and how to plan serving size.

Livestock Cloning: The emerging science of livestock cloning is explained in understandable terms in this brochure, which details the level of scientific review the technology has undergone.

Animal Welfare in the Meat Industry: This brochure explains the regulatory requirements for ensuring that livestock handled by meat plants are treated humanely. The brochure also details voluntary efforts by the meat industry to go above and beyond regulatory requirements.

Consumer’s Guide to Enhanced Meats: This brochure details how the meat industry is using enhancing solutions in lean meat cuts to maintain juiciness, prevent overcooking and ensure good eating experiences.

The “Meat Matters” series is available, and downloadable, at

Source: American Meat Institute