The 2009 Borlaug Dialogue "Food, Agriculture, and National Security in a Globalized World" will be held Oct. 14-16, 2009 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Global leaders are increasingly viewing food and nutrition as critical factors underpinning national and international security. The same challenges confront experts working in international agriculture and rural development.

These challenges have led some to question the effectiveness of global institutions in ensuring the availability of food on community and national levels.

In that context, the 2009 Borlaug Dialogue symposium will ask experts and decision-makers from around the world how their fields can ensure adequate access to food and nutrition for people.

To address that question, several hundred participants from 65 countries will engage in conversations on compelling and critical topics. Participants will include leading policymakers and diplomats, CEOs and senior private-sector executives as well as experts from academia, research, and the development community.

Topics for discussion will include:

  • Poverty, hunger, and food security in global crisis areas
  • Continuing to address gender in agricultural development
  • Providing nutrition and enhancing health, especially among women and young children
  • New and cutting-edge technological approaches to farming and food
  • Harmonizing organic and sustainable agricultural practices with modern technology and genetics
  • The future of agriculture in an urban, global world
  • Preserving and renewing soil and water resources
  • Prospects for trade in agriculture and food
  • The institutions necessary for a food-secure world
  • Assessing progress in global agriculture and identifying areas for needed investment

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