A summary of the results the first year of a brand new research institute is captured in the recently published Energy Biosciences Institute Annual Report 2008. The project is a 10-year journey of discovery and innovation in the bioenergy field, say particpants.

The Energy Biosciences Institute is a collaboration of three research centers -- UC Berkeley, University of Illinois and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory -- with funding partner BP, the global energy company. The $500 million program is largest public-private partnership of its kind, and is designed to explore the application of advanced knowledge of biological processes, materials and mechanisms to the energy sector.

Free copies are now available and can be mailed to interested parties at no charge.

Each area of research inquiry at the EBI is discussed in detail, with reference to the 50 projects and programs funded by the Institute - bio-energy feedstock development, bioconversion, biofuels production, and societal, environmental and economic impacts. A complete listing of the projects, featuring the names of all the pioneering faculty and support teams, is included.

Source: University of Illinois