The U.S. Senate unanamously passes a bill to study the U.S. preparedness and prevention measures for bovine spongiform encephalopathy and foot-and-mouth disease.

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Ben "Nighthorse" Campbell (R-Colo.) and amended by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). According to a report from the American Meat Institute, the bill requires the USDA secretary report to the Senate and House Agriculture Committees on the following:

  • Most immediately, USDA Secretary Ann Veneman will report on interagency activities in place to assess, prevent and control FMD and BSE in U.S. livestock herds. This report is due within 30 days.
  • Identify federal information sources available to the public regarding FMD and BSE.
  • Present the need for legislative authority, appropriations and/or product bans to prevent FMD and BSE from entering the United States.
  • Report on the economic impact of an FMD and BSE outbreak within the United States. This report is due within 180 days.
  • Identify potential risks to public and animal health from FMD, BSE and new variant Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease (nvCJD)– include domestic and imported livestock, animal products, wildlife and blood products in the assessment.
  • Provide recommendations to protect U.S. animal herds and citizens from the risks noted above.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of current preventative measures involving the public, private and nonprofit sectors.
  • Provide a description federal agencies' plans regarding FMD, BSE and nvCJD.
  • Report on plans to coordinate prevention and research efforts between federal agencies and in partnership with the private sector.
  • Report on plans to compensate for animals affected with BSE or FMD should that occur in the United States.
  • Recommend legislation and/or appropriations to prevent FMD, BSE and nvCJD from entering the United States.

American Meat Institute