This past weekend, Smithfield Foods officials completed their influenza sampling of hogs in the farm they own jointly with a Mexican company new Veracruz, Mexico.

The samples were submitted to the Mexican government in Smithfield's effort to confirm that none the hogs are infected with the Type A H1N1 influenza virus. Smithfield had put this testing process in motion last week, before Canadian health officials announced that the strain was discovered in a Alberta swine herd.

While Smithfield's herd in Mexico had already been tested, the company hired an independent laboratory to conduct additional testing on the herd. The first series of inspections by Smithfield and international health officials found no evidence of the illness. Results on the second round of tests are expected to be available in a "few days."

Mexican government authorities will conduct further testing, including genetic sequence analysis, to determine if any flu strains are present. Those results will be complete in about 12 days, Keira Ullrich, Smithfield's investor relations manager, told