Citing the risk for post weaning multisystemic wasting disease, Australia has closed its borders to import of pork products from the United States, Canada and a few other countries. Australia is free of the disease.

The Australian government conducted a study that concluded there was little risk of disease introduction from pork imports, but a federal judge had a different opinion. He ruled in favor of Australian pork producers who claim allowing imports would ensure that PMWS would eventually infect Australian pigs. 

According to, the judge said the government’s risk analysis concluded there was little chance of an outbreak in the next 10 years, but after that, the odds are much greater to a near certainty.

Australia Pork originally filed the lawsuit against the Australian government, claiming the risk analysis was flawed and unscientific. The government is concerned that the court ruling could damage trade and is looking into whether to appeal the decision or look at alternatives to an outright ban.

Australia is the seventh largest export customer for U.S. pork., ABC